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African American History


General References and Lists of Links  Here you will find some great places to browse in.  They all have lots to offer and probably some of it is just what you want

African American Arts and Artists Here you will find information about music, painting and poetry by African Americans.  All time periods are represented together.

Africa Here you will find general information about Africa and Africans.

Slavery and the Slave Trade This deals with the capture, transport and living conditions of slaves.

From the Civil War to the Twentieth Century The Civil War ended slavery but for most African Americans it didn't end injustice.  This is the period of lynching and the Ku Klux Klan.

African American Life from 1900-1940 These were the complex times of the black immigration from the South, the Harlem Renaissance, the Depression and the flowering of African American arts.

The Struggle for Rights: 1940-1975 These were the times of courageous resistance and change that your parents and grandparents remember and were part of.

The Struggle Continues: 1975-The Present The world we live in; the world you will help to improve.

A page especially for younger children with shorter readings and lots of audio.

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