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Aboard the Underground Railroad  An outstanding history of the system which brought many slaves to freedom.  To take the role of an escaping slave, making decisions that might mean life or death, try the National Geographic's "Follow the Drinking Gourd".

The Amistad Case  The slave ship Amistad was taken over by slaves, leading to one of the most interesting court cases in American history.  Details of the court case and others like it can be found by clicking here.

Africans in America   A rich and comprehensive source of information on the whole history of slavery.  It includes maps, original documents and brief narrative selections which were originally meant to support a PBS special on the subject.

American Slaves Speak for Themselves  From 1936 to 1938, over 2,300 former slaves from across the American South were interviewed.   Here are actual memories of people who were once inslaved!  One of them tells about a slave auction  In another place, there are letters and memoirs of African American women who lived in that time.

The Atlantic Slave Trade  A short explanation of the slave trade and some of the resistance that Africans made as they were forced from their homeland.

Black Resistance to Slavery  This is a wonderful site showing the many ways that slaves fought against slavery. 

A Chronology of American Slavery  A very detailed timeline, without the line.  Nearly every year from the time slavery began in America has its entry here and many contain links to even more information. 

A Former Slave Owner Tells His Side  After the Civil War ended, J. G. Clickshales wrote of slavery the way he remembered it.  It is different from the slaves' version.  You will have to decide which sounds right, or if both seem to have some of the truth.

The Middle Passage  The story of the capture and transportation of Africans to America, presented first as a PBS special.

Nat Turner's Confession  Nat Turner led a very violent slave revolt.  He was captured and hanged but before he died he may have dictated this explanation of his action.  His was just one of many slave revolts which showed the underlying hatred blacks felt toward their condition. 

The Dred Scott Case  When the Supreme Court stated that Dred Scott, an excaped slave, would have to be returned to his master they declared that slaves were not to be treated as human beings but as property.  This site tells the history of the case in great depth. 

Statistics about Slavery  How many slaves were there.  What percentage of the population was inslaved?  Questions like this are always important to ask.  They give you a perspective on the size of the problem.

Sojourner Truth This escaped slave became a major speaker in the abolitionist movement.

Harriet Tubman  A brief but impressive biography of the most famous conductor on the Underground Railroad, the "Moses of her people."