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Delta Homeroom

Location: Regenstein 153 
Time: 9:00-1:00 
Section: WIT Basic 
Mentors: Nicole Zumpano & Linda Dernbach

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Illinois Technology Standards For All Teachers Chicago Public Schools website
Bloom's Taxonomy: Model Questions/Keywords ISTE
(International Society for Technology in Education)
Begin the school year right  Illinois Computing Educators


Intro Composer Clip Art List Web space for Teachers without a personal page 
School Notes

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Berit's Best for Children
700+ Great Sites for Children
Little Explorers
Cool Science
Government Kids' Pages
The Yukiest site on the Internet
One more government site
Cyber Tiger
United States Image map
Role of bison in America
Search Engines for kids
The virtual schoolhouse
Native American site for kids
2nd grade Native American site
U.S.Mint: H.I.P. Pocket Change
Educational Web Design
Kids Web
Busy Teachers' Web Site
Blue Web'N
Curriculum Subject Library 
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
Awesome Library
Classroom Connect
Classweb- technology in education
All kids links
Math Nerds

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 The Human Languages Page--French A School Library Page Example (high school)
 Foreign Lang. Lesson Plans/Resources Build your web page with CNet
Art Education Resources Hunger Site
Send a friend a card from Blue Mountain Good links at the teacher's corner
Clearing Netscape Cache

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