The Respiratory System

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Introduction to the Respiratory System

   Welcome!  The respiratory system is responsible for breathing.  Breathing brings oxygen into the body and removes carbon dioxide.  When a person inhales (breathes in) oxygen flows into the trachea (windpipe).  A flap called the epiglottis stops food from passing into the trachea when a person swallows.  From the trachea, oxygen moves into the two short tubes called the bronchi.  They carry the oxygen into the lungs.  Tiny air sacs in the lungs called alveoli fill with oxygen.  The oxygen passes into the blood, and red blood cells carry it to all the cells in the body.

   Carbon dioxide is formed by all body cells as a waste.  The red blood cells carry it to the lungs where it is released into the environment when a person exhales (breathes out).


Your Task

   As you explore the following web sites to learn about the respiratory system, you will answer questions on a handout;  it will be turned in to your teacher.  You may click here to print out the handout if your teacher has not already given one to you.

   After you have finished your exploration of each web site, return to this activity page to receive your next assignment.  Just click on the "Back" button on the tool bar at the top of the Netscape Navigator window.

   When you have completed all of the assignments in this activity, you will find a list of "Optional Web Site Explorations".  You may visit those web sites, if you wish, to learn even more about the respiratory system.

   Let's get started!


Web Site Explorations

   Your web site exploration assignments are listed below.  Begin by clicking on the first web site, "The Respiratory System".

(1) The Respiratory System - This site gives a general description of the respiratory system.

(2) Amazing Facts - This is a list of surprising facts concerning human respiration.

(3)  Locate Those Lungs - One lung is smaller than the other one!

(4) A Look Inside the Lungs - This site describes the structures inside the lungs.

(5) All About Inhaling - Find out what happens when a person breathes in.

(6) Waiting to Exhale - Respiration produces waste that the body must get rid of.

(7) Time for Talk - The lungs enable the voice to produce sounds.

(8) Love Your Lungs - Learn how to keep the lungs healthy.

(9) Respiration - At this Brain Pop site please watch the movie, "Respiratory System".  Also, click on "Timeline" and "Experiment with Bob the Ex-LabRat".

(10) Voice - Please watch the movie, "Voice".  Then click on "Timeline" and "Experiment with Bob the Ex-LabRat".

   Congratulations!  You have completed you web site exploration assignments.  If you wish to learn more about the respiratory system, continue on to the "Optional Web Site Explorations" below.


Optional Web Site Explorations

(1) Respiration - This article explains human respiration in detail.

(2) Lung - This site describes all of the structures and functions of the lungs


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