Listed below are some of the topics about Illinois earth history that are discussed and listed in this site. The topics are arranged in chronological order. Select the link to which you would like to connect.



Paleogeography: Maps that show what the positions of the continents were in during several period of earth history. top

Cascade-Style volcanics : Mt St. Helens is an example of the Cascade-style volcanics that Illinois experienced 1.5 billion years

New Madrid Earthquake Zone: This zone of weakness formed about 1 billion years ago. This site discusses the large earthquake that took place over 100 years ago along that weak zone. top

Stromatolites: Stromatolites are among the earliest life forms on earth. This site explains what they are. top

Starved Rock: Although the carving out of Starved Rock and Mattheison State Parks in more recent, the rocks that form them are

Reefs: During the Silurian time Illinois was tropical and was a reef

Devonian: The Devonian time was not too exciting in Illinois, but important changes in life forms were

Lead and Zinc: These mineral deposits occur in NW Illinois, SW Wisconsin and NE

Caves and Karst: Caves and Karst topography are common in the Mississippian rocks of

Coal Age: See what Springfield may have looked during the Coal Age. top

Coal Museum: Do a virtual tour of the now closed Illinois Coal

Mazon Creek: Mazon Creek is a site of many fossils from the Coal Age, including the state fossil, the Tulley

Meteor Crater: Millions of years ago a meteorite hit near Chicago. top

Fluorite: While dinosaurs were becoming extinct, Illinois experienced volcanics and fluorite

Ice Age: The Ice Age profoundly affected the Illinois landscape, covering the state with till, and loess. top

Mammoths: Wooly mammoths and many other now extinct mammals roam the Ice Age plains of Illinois. top