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Related Software

Where in the USA is Carmen San Diego? By Broderbund

This game requires lots of United States knowledge to track down Carmen San Diego and her band of hoodlums. Be sure to have resource books on hand. A CD-ROM version is available or play online. The Carmen San Diego Web Site requires Shockwave 8 and Flash 5 to view. (Can be downloaded from site)

Zip Zap Map By National Geographic

This Tetris-like game is divided into United States regions. As the state falls, your job is to maneuver it into place on a United States map. After the states of a region are in place, cities, places to visit, and bodies of water need to be correctly placed. The game can be sped up or slowed down depending on the player's ability.


Online Activities

Postcard Geography

This is an interdisciplinary program integrating social studies, reading, writing, geography, and art. Classes can register for a half year or full year. Students design and write postcards to be sent to other classrooms around the United States and even the world. When classes receive postcards, the opportunity for extension activities is limitless. Consult the Postcard Geography web site to find out more information and to register.


This site connects classrooms for pen pal projects. Teachers register and can specify the grade level and area of the country (or the world) for their pen pals. This site also offers message boards and other resources for teachers. ePALS Classroom Exchange

Roadtrip America

This site, created by 3 teachers for use at their school, explains an integrated virtual trip through the regions of the United States. These lessons are easily modified to meet the needs of any class or curriculum. Roadtrip America (redoing web site, link not yet active)

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