Make Your Own Diorama


A diorama is a scene represented by three dimensional objects placed in front of a painted scene. Try to make a temple, nobleman's house, or a tomb chamber of a queen or king.

Nobleman's house



tomb online See what objects are in a tomb. (Close new window that opens to return here.)





1. Remove the lid to your box but don't discard, you may use it later.

2. Paint a scene on the bottom of your box, or lay the box flat on top of construction paper or paper you can paint. Trace the bottom of the box on the paper then remove box. Paint a background for a temple, noble's house, or tomb chamber on the paper. If you want an Egyptian garden scene. Paint a sky, birds, palm trees, etc. Cut out the background carefully along the lines that you traced and paste the background in the bottom of the box. Stand the box on the long side.


3. Next draw a floor plan for the base of your box. You can now use your box lid if you want to extend your diorama to make it larger, cut one side of your box lid open to lay flat and paste the folded back part of your lid to the base of your standing box. This gives you an extension for the floor of your model. Trace the bottom of your box and extension on construction paper or draw the floor plan with pencil directly on the base of the box.

4. Floor plan (temple on Nova)

Option 1

Draw a floor plan to show rooms in a house or temple. Next draw pop-up figures and objects on construction paper (part of the floor) to pop-up out of the floor (just cut out figures to the bottom of the figure and then fold forward to make it stand up). Paste the construction paper (after you stand the figures up) to the lid of the box for your floor.

Option 2

Draw a floor plan with pencil showing rooms or a garden scene. Paint the bottom of your box like a floor and add 3 dimensional objects to your diorama such as people (dolls), furniture, sarcophagus, vases, hapijars, etc.


If you draw a garden scene, don't forget that the Nobles had large pools in their gardens surrounded by terraces or verandah. You can also add sand in a garden scene. Add cloth fabric for clothing or bed netting to beds in a house interior scene. 3D or paper figures can be used.

Tomb Chamber (The floor of a tomb was full of objects and furniture)

back wall


House and Garden (add as many objects or figures as you like)

back wall(terrace)



5. When you have filled your diorama with the items you want to use, write a story or description of your scene, then display your diorama to your teacher and class.

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