Writing Checklist

____My paragraphs are sound.

____Each of my paragraphs has one main idea.

____I have used correct grammar.

____I have used correct punctuation.

____Periods are at the end of my sentences.

____I have quotation marks around dialogue.

____My spelling is correct.

____My handwriting is legible.


____My sentences begin in different ways.

____My sentences build upon the ones before.

____My sentences are different lengths.

____The meaning of each of my sentences is clear.

____My sentences flow and use correct grammar.

____There are no run-ons.

____My sentences are complete.


____My report is sequenced in order.

____My introduction is exciting and inviting.

____My ideas flow and are well connected.

____I have a satisfying conclusion.


____I have capitalized the first word in each sentence.

____I have capitalized people and pet names.

____I have capitalized months and days.

____I have capitalized cities, states, and places.

____I have capitalized titles of books, movies, et cetera.

Word Choice

____Every word seems just right.

____I used a lot of describing words.

____My words paint pictures in the reader's mind.

____I used strong verbs like darted and exclaimed.

____I used synonyms to add variety.


____I used a graphic organizer to create and organize ideas.

____My ideas are written in my own words.

____My report is clear and focused.

____I understand my topic.

____My details give the reader important information.

____My ideas relate to one another.

____I have listened to suggestions from the teacher or peers.

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